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EMPOWERMENT PACKAGE: $555 till Dec 31st (Regularly $997)
(includes unlimited texting)

This package includes 5 one-on-one individualized empowerment mentoring session with Jen in her on-line meeting room, along with unlimited text messages for follow-up and continued breakthroughs.

Empowerment Session 1: Uncover Your Resistance

In session one we will reveal who you are, and uncovering your resistance to ignite the fire in your soul.

Empowerment Session 2: Body Mind Connections
In session two we will work on a platform I call "body, mind, connection". You will learn how to drop into your body and listen for the answers.

Empowerment Session 3: Clearing the Clutter
In session three we will work through clearing the clutter. In this session you learn how to uncover resistance in the physical space around you.

Empowerment Session 4: Visions become Reality
In session four I will teach you how your visions become your reality, and together, we will create a custom vision for your soul purpose.

Empowerment Session 5: Living your Legacy

Session five is where the reality takes shape and a plan is created to create a legacy that will keep the fire alive in your soul.

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