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Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Jen Pinter. I am a mama to 3 incredible children I call my guides. I am a wife, daughter, and friend to the most supportive people in the world. I have a love for all things natural & whole. I have a deep passion for empowering others to uncover their resistance, dream big, and step their greatness.

In 2012 my world came crashing down when I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. I felt small, I felt alone, and my negative thoughts along with lack of self worth were shaping the world around me. While I had a grand support system, I quickly realized that what was standing in the way of my healing was, me. In 2012 I made a conscious choice to dig deep and take myself on. This meant empowering myself, believing in myself, and creating a daily path that filled me with joy. Over the years I've experienced healing from within. Through this process,  I have created tools and connections that encourage and allow others to take themselves on, to feel empowered, and to find joy in their present life.

I look forward to  connecting with you to reveal your light
from within to bring you YOUR ultimate joy for life.


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